Your needs

In the healthcare industry, peace of mind is key. In order to provide the best care to patients and their families, it pays to ensure that systems and processes aren’t going to let you down. When staff are busy and pressure is running high, mistakes can cost your organisation and harm your reputation.

Our solution

Our systems are specially curated to suit each organisation by a team of researchers. Barcode technology in healthcare vastly increases patient safety and productivity. Information becomes more accurate and your organisation’s efficiency is improved.


  • Streamlined supply chain process
  • Reduced administration and HR costs
  • Reduced errors due to accuracy of data
  • Elimination of hand written prescriptions, labels and instructions
  • Patient identification improved
  • Improved delivery of care
  • Reduced risk
  • Reputational benefits
  • Peace of mind

The result?

Peritek’s hand picked products are fine tuned and tested to rigorous standards, leaving staff to get on with what they do best – saving lives.